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Hi! We're Poppysocks!

We're made up of a husband, a wife, and...well that's pretty much it. We're one person away from being the smallest company you can be. We also have a toddler that helps us every now and then. She's our toddler, not just some random one. And by helping, I mean, making a lot more work for us.

We started because of our love of socks. We each had an ever growing collection of colorful and amazing socks. We were always on the hunt for new ones. It became pretty obvious to us that there wasn't really a great one stop shop for all things socks. We set out to curate a collection of socks that not only did we think were awesome, crazy and fun, but were also of high quality. No one likes their big toe poking through their socks. That is how Poppysocks was born.

We love crazy and fun socks and we hope you'll love our curated collection too!

Family Socks!

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